How do i test the k8006?

Hi guys, Im new to electronic kits, in fact this is only my second one. I bought this one and my first on the same day at the same time. I built the other one first because it was just a tiny fm transmitter, perfect for a first project. I chose the k8006 because it was in the marked down bin at my local electronics store and i got both kits plus an assortment of other junk for under $20. Once I got home I saw that the kit was rated 5, advanced. I’ve done a little soldering before and figured this would be good practice and if I screwed it up I wouldn’t be out much. Well, I did a great job, better than anyone would have guessed. The only part I didn’t fully understand in the obstructions was the part about adding an extra layer of solder on all ‘thinned’ areas. I took that to mean the long lengths of exposed tracks that run along the top where the loads are attached. Ypu cam see in the pic where i added the extra solder, is this where it went? I’m fairly confident that it works but I’m not 100% sure how to test it. The part that confuses me is whether or not i need a module plugged in. Is there a way to teat the circuit if I have no module? Thanks for the help and I look forward to building lots of stuff, great fun! Below are pics of my completed project. I apologize for the quality of the pics but phone cameras aren’t exactly the best thing to use for detail.

Ugh, im having trouble getting to my pics on this iPad, I will post the pics separate from my computer shortly.

You cannot test the board without any modules plugged in.
Did you buy any modules ?
What are you going to do with this board ?

No sir, I didn’t buy any modules. It was in the clearance bin at my local electronics store, otherwise I would not have bought it, glad I did though. I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for yet. One of the beautiful things about this project is it’s flexibility. My friend has an indoor hydroponic garden, I was thinking I could use it to control some of his equipment. Maybe I should build a humidity monitoring module.

Well, crap. I guess I need to order a module or design one myself since the place where I bought the k8006 doesn’t have any, infact they don’t have any Velleman stuff, this was it. Is there an online source of documentation that will tell me what the various pins in module slots are for? I know ‘nc’ is unused but that’s it. What does load and data do? How about N, L, LD, C or E?

Thanks for your patience with me. I’m new to all this but eager to learn. Here are the pics of my finished k8006.

Please check specs and manuals of: