How do I get this shield to work?

Hello! I’m having difficulties setting up a DC motor to work on my shield.

The shield is functional and should work but I do not know how to connect the pins get the DC motor to work.
I have figured out that I need to connect some pins from the Pin Select parts but I do not know in what order or placement they need to be. The most helpful thing would be a short explanation and a picture of a shield all hooked up and ready to go.

Thanks in advance!

Take a look at page 8: … l_ka03.pdf

Thank you for helping and showing me the diagram but I am not sure how to select the pins I want to use for the motor.
Do I just use jumpers to connect the “DirA 4” to pin 4 on the shield? This is where I have found little help or explanation.
Again, thank you for helping!

The jumpers allow you to select the Arduino I/O you would like to use for a certain function.
This is important if you have stacked shields, to avoid that two or more shields use the same Arduino I/O and cause a conflict.

I see, good to have that confirmed. However, that was not my issue. In fact, I had no issue. I was not connecting the wires to the screw terminals correctly.

Thank you so much for the ongoing support and assistance and I’m sorry that I may have wasted your time.