Hotswap filament

Hello people,

Has anyone ever tried swapping filament while vertex is printing? How did you (or would you) guys go about it?

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I haven’t yet.
However there is a pause button in the software.
I plan on using that then through the software move the head away from the project.
I have downloaded and printed the load latch (this is great for loading the K8400)
I will put this on the machine then push the filament so some comes out of the nozzle then pull it out of the machine. After that manually load the new color in and keep pushing it in until the new color comes out of the nozzle wipe it off then press resume.
That is my plan but like I said I have not done it yet.
You should experiment on a small print to get the hang of it.

Hello Wrong Way, thanks for the reply.

This load latch looks nice. the lever is an awful thing to have to squeeze for a long time. Thanks for that.

About loading, i started this thread while i was 3 hours in a 7 hour print. there were 4 windings of filament left on the spool, i selected the wrong extruder during placement and so i got in this predicament. Anyway, when there was 1 winding left i went about it a bit easier than what you’re proposing. Quite simple, after finding out about the wrongly selected extruder i knew the print was lost. any other outcome was a positive change. What i did:
-Push pause, the nozzle stays warm, but i worked fast so no damage done to the print. i did not move the head, but kept it where the program put it
-pull out the filament. no pushing beforehand, just pull in one motion.
-place the new roll and insert filament
-push it through until i felt it get in the nozzle. i stopped when i felt resistance (felt it melt) and didn’t push through because my nozzle was still hanging over the print.
Then resumed print

The filament i was replacing was light blue and i replaced it with grey. it gave me an awesome, 2 tone, one extruder print lol it started printing and after a few seconds i could clearly see the grey come out. No clogged nozzle, no gaps, it just went exactly as it’s supposed to go.


That is so awesome.
This is something I have been wanting to try for some time.
The only reason I was going to push on it is that is the way I have to do it on my K8200.

The load latch does help a bunch just for loading the printer.
Makes it easier on your hands.