HotEnd Temp is idle, but print doesn't start for 5+mins

Hello together, I recently got my self a K8200 with an E3D Hotend, K8200-Repetier-Host-V0.95F and Cura14.12.1

I have already printed some nice parts, but now it takes forever before the printing actually begins.

When I load the gcode and start the job, everyting worky fine:

  1. Heatbed heating ok! 50/50°C
  2. Heating Extruder 200/200°C --> it keeps heating up to 203°C, drops to 199°C again and so on. It sometimes takes 10-15 minutes before the print actualy begins. Sometimes its faster, somes times it isn’t.

I also tried to lower the Extruder temp back to 190°C, but its the same thing.

Does anybody have an idea on this issue?

Thanks in advance!

I would say you didn’t run a PID-Autotune.
As a result the hotend temperature can not be hold constant at the temperature you set it.
To start the print. marlin waits till the temperature nears a specific window for a specific time.
For example: Set it to 200°C. Marlin waits till the temp is at least 2°C near this value for at least 10 seconds. If your Hotend temp is between 198°C and 202°C for at least 10 secs, your print is going to start.

Well, that could be a possible problem, but it’s hard to tell from my point of view.

It’s the first time you heard about PID-Autotune? No problem there. It’s really easy, it just looks difficult when doing it for the first time.
Here’s something you can read about: … d-settings

Edit: I forgot something. Using a E3D Hotend, it may be necessary to lower your “#define PID_MAX” value to about 200 - 220. Otherwise PID-Autotune may fail. You can find that in your firmware before updating it to your printer. Arduino 1.0.6., open firmware, tab “configuration.h”.


Thank you!

Lowering the “#define PID_MAX” value also resulted in great improvements!