Help with new HPS140

I have a new HPS140i pocket oscilloscope and HPG1pocket generator.

The HPS140 is firmware version 1313. Is that the latest? And if not, how do I upgrade the firmware. I do this with a download and USB key for my larger oscilloscopes.

I would like a real charger. I cannot find anyplace in North America that sells the PSS0919. The supply is 9 Volts regulated at one-half amp minimum and barrel connector with outside negative and inner pin positive. What are the dimensions of the barrel connector should I wish to go to a nearby parts store.

When I first turned on the unit, the display would not change or clear unless I turned off the unit. Now, after turning the unit on and off about a half a dozen times it seems to work OK. Should I be concerned?

If I hook up my 10x probe (included in the 140i package) to the HPG 1, or to a B&K 4054 both at 1 KHz Square Wave, or to the back of the HPS140, I get slightly different answers on probe compensation. I am happiest to use my B&K as standard. What do you suggest as standard? My other scopes have their own verifiable compensation outlets.

My HPG1 is firmware version 1134. What is the latest for it?

Thank you for your assistance.

The firmware for the HPS140 is the latest.
Regarding the charger: please check with US support @ (817) 284 77 85 for possible options.

Make sure battery is fully charged before first use.

Compensation can be slightly different depending on source used. We’d suggest to use the HPS140 internal compensation output, as this is fairly low impedant.

HPG1 firmware 1134 is not the latest firmware, there has been one update recently, to slightly improve stability of level readout at low frequencies.
Firmware is not user updatable, so should you insist on having the latest firmware, then you will have to return the unit for reprogramming.

Thank you for the help.

With regard to the display not changing, I think the battery was charged. I think I had pressed the Hold button (my error). So long as I do not press this accidentally, the display changes just fine.

Firmware: The HPG1 seems fine, so there is no need yet to return the unit.

Should I need to return either unit for firmware, is there any place in North America to do that? International shipping is expensive.

I will check with US support about the charger options.

Yes, we have a support office in TX.