Help with making a COD mystery box play a message on a loop

I need to have a speaker/mp3 player/old answering machine, whatever, play a loop of mp3 files or wma or something when a switch is energized or deenergized. Like a music box style thing or those creepy Halloween deals you walk by and they play a recorded message. I was thinking of a kill switch NC or NO or a magnetic switch or whatever to energize this component. I just need to be able to adpat the switch in and to be able to connect it to a speaker or it have a built in speaker of significant volume. I need to either be able to record or download mp3 files onto the device and I need it to play on a radomized loop or shuffle. I would like it to play only one of the mp3 files at a time not all of them on a loop. I want it to play one file each time the switch is engaged. I do not care what voltage it has to run on, I can figure out that part. Thank you all very much for any help.

VM202 plays mp3 files stored on a stick.
It automatically loops, it does not allow to play a single file.
You could store say 100 files in a random order.
We have many small amps in our range that our suited, such as K8066, K4001, K4003, etc…