Help. Which port do I use for the HPS50 scope software?

It does not seem easy to figure out.

Is there a definite port # to use or is is different on each PC?

My Windows XP also says that the Drivers are not installed.

What else must I do?

The Application and capture grid comes up on my PC screen?

Please advise as I have invested hours on this so far and can’t wait to get my HPS50 scope capturing screen shots and showing Real Time Scope Activity.

The solution is beyond me at the moment.

By the way I have been a Mac guy for 23 years and PCs are new to me.

Eric W

Did you use the search function of this forum and did you read the posts regarding this issue?

Yes I did and although there were little bits and pieces of possible help it did not seem there was not enough correct information in one place to allow me to successfully get the program working.

I am surprised that this software does not “Load and Play” like most software I have installed over the lass 22 years of using a computer and running my own business.

Why does this have to be an Easter Egg hunt?

Why not supply an install directive with the software to assist in the successful installation and use of the software?


Eric Windheim

The drivers can be found in your program files directory, for example:
C:\Program Files\Velleman\HPS50\Driver

We can not make the software easier, because our drivers did not pass validation by Microsoft (read: we did not pay for it), so they will never install automatically. So the first thing you will need to do is install the hardware using these drivers.

When properly installed, the HPS50 will create a COM port that you can connect to. You can view the name of this COM port in the Windows Device Manager.

After that you need to configure your HPS50 to communicate with the PC. Set your HPS50’s “Send Mode” to “Binary” (Manual on page 26 … _hps50.pdf).

It is indeed a rather complex and longwinded installation, hopefully you will succeed with these tips

Ok I will try that when I have a couple hours of free time.

It does seem to be very convoluted.