Help to update firmware of VM208

Hello, I have been working with the open source firmware of the VM208 for a few days and translating its html to Spanish and reprogramming some parameters in C ++ and JavaScript so that the device can do a little extra functionality.
My question is, what is the way to proceed to load the modified firmware in the module? How to access? since in the webserver itself it only lets you load a single file.
Thanks a lot

The project is based on an ESP32 and programmed as an arduino
You’ll need to install platformio, the platformio.ini file should handle the rest

In the file plataformio.ini I have this configuration:

[env: esp32dev]
platform =
board = esp-wrover-kit
frame = arduino
#framework = espidf
board_build.partitions = partitions.csv
upload_port = COM9
monitor_speed = 115200
build_flags = -DCORE_DEBUG_LEVEL = 5

The ip of my VM208 is, what parameters should I configure in order to connect to the VM208 and upload the modified firmware?
I cannot get the connection by IP since I disassembled the VM208 and the ESP32 does not have USB.

Thank you and sorry for my ignorance.

PlatformIO generates a bin file.
This file needs to be uploaded to the VM208.
Go to the settings page on the VM208 and go to the update section.