Help please om a noob

Hi everyone i just bought a new 3D printer (delta).
But u have some questions, i have a problem with the sticking of my prints and i think the nozzle bed distance is to high and i want it closer how do i change this?

Another question, i use Vertex Delta repeater as software is this the best what you can use?

Some things that could help.

  • Have you done the auto callibration sequence ?
    If yes
  • Have you saved the settings after auto callibration
    If yes
  • Are the movements of the printhead smooth (did you apply oil on the bars and ptfe on the magnets ?
    If yes
  • Is the sticker cleaned with the alcohol spray
    If yes
  • Has your print enough space on the first layer that touches the printbed

If i have the problem with the adhesion it"s always one of the following 2 reasons

  • forgot to callibrate after moving the printer to another location.
  • forgot to clean the sticker with the recomended alcohol spray

Hi Franklin
I think the problem is that the nozzle height isnt correct.When i start the print my nozzle is to high in my opinion.The first layer doesn’t stick at the sticker because the nozzle height is to high.

Do you know how i can fix it?

The nozzle height is determined by the auto callibration. That’s done by the sensors under the glass panel, you can determine the sensetivity off these sensors by using the potentiometer. In the online manuel there is a procedure written how to do it.

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I recommend to follow this full procedure :
Auto callibration works only if your printers is in good working order.
Also the tension of the driving belts are very important

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Thanks i will give it a try and met you know!

Hi Franklin i think i have it.
In Dutch:
Als ik center calibration doe dan kan ik maximaal maar tot (Z) 1.50 zou dit het probleem kunnen zijn?

I shall look tomorrow what the value’s are here, my printer is at school.

Did you find what the problem could be?