Height problem during printing

When I do an ‘auto calibration’ it works but when I print the print head is too high.
And when I check the ‘calibrate X,Y,Z’ I can’t go down to 0.0, it blocks at 1.5 every time.
Do you have a solution ?

Hello @hightdjo,

Check the endstop height (it must be 0,5mm).

Further check also the Calibration troubleshooting guide.

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Vellman Support

Hi Hightdjo,
Look here:
I did the same with the bed, only i let 3 screws away, so 3 screws and 3 springs to level the bed. Works fine.
draw a circel of 199mm and 0,5 mm thick and print that and mesure the thicknis all around to get it leveled right.

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