Heating problem?

I downloaded the repetier host 0.95 for k8200 because of problems I was having. Now both my heaters for bed and extruder wont heat up at all, both reading 0.0C on the manual control setting. It had been working before. Even on the Temperature Curve page, it shows no readings at all other than the basic graph patterns. Even the print settings relating to the heat control are set to 60C for the bed and 200C for the extruder, likewise for the setting for slicer program are set the same. One thing I have noted is that there is no heating bar for the bed displayed on the manual control page
Also there is no LED’s lighting up for heating on the motherboard. Is there a config or other file not allowing it to heat up. Any idea as to why and help needed to correct this.
Thanks Don

Now it started to heat, Manual control says it about 25C for bed and extrude, but extruder is much hotter as PLA has come out of the nozzle. No indication on Temperature Curve page either. [very hot to touch]. On the motherboard the heating indicator LEDS are flashing away as usual, but no indication is shown on manual setting page other than its risen to 25C.

Not sure if this will help.
In the printer settings make sure Reset on Connect is set to Disabled.