Heating failed - Printer halted


Since yesterday my printer heats up very slow and after some time it shows “Heating failed - Printer halted”. Then I have to switch it off.
Please, anybody an idea what the problem could be?
I have not installed anything or changed anything. The max temperature it reaches before halt is between 122 and 127 degrees.



What is the temperature of the room it is in?

Around 25 degrees C, also no changes.

Is this the K8600 or the VM8600?

Hello Wrong_Way!

K is the kit? It is the kit I have but I am not sure if this is the difference between K and VM…
Yesterday night I disassembled and reassembled it and now it works again. Seems there was a contact problem with the temperature sensor.

Thank you very much for your support!


Hi Tom,

Sorry for the delay.
In the Velleman line Kxxxx is a Kit VMxxxx is a module Assembled.
Glad it working.