Heating fail melding give my K8600 3D printer

Heating fail melding give my K8600 3D printer

Hello @Heesemans !
Trying to understand your issue …

Is this a newly built Vertex Nano or did the “Heating” have recently stopped working ?

Have you try “control printer” then “preheat” via the LCD screen menu ( did the target temperature change or do you have any error on the LCD screen ) ?
see : https://manuals.whadda.com/article.php?id=532

Or is this somthing else ?

Hoping to help
Have a good day !

My printer have y bult en it was the first time to load PLA but heating fall. The led haven’t burn.

Sorry i don’t get it clearly … i im french …

So this is the first time you’r using it ?
Have you read all the Using the printer manual ?

Do you see on the LCD the “temperature” and the “target temperature” what are the values when doing a filament change ?
Or may be the filament got stuck …

If you are using Cura as slicer you may have the same issue as in this topic :

Hoping this help !
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Thanks, Y go and tray.

Sorry, I assumed that you have the almost built version K8600 …

If you have the VM8600 : check the temperature sensor and the heater element and their cables / connections to the main board.

Hoping you will solve the issue and get some good printing !

Have a good day!

Sorry, i am don’t asked it. Stop it.