Heated is slow to warm up

I have a self built feller man k8200 and the maximum temperature I can get is about 65 degrees but even with lower temperatures it takes forever to warm up. I’ve checked the wiring and that’s ok.

I assume it is the heated bed temperature you are talking about?

50-60deg is ample for printing PLA. Yes it does take some time to warm up. This is a limitation of the standard Velleman Power Supply.

If you want fast warm up, or if you want to print ABS later (temps of 90-100deg), you will need add an additional Power Supply for the heated bed. There is excellent information on this forum detailing how to do this. Or just google it.

A cheap 24v power supply of ebay, wired with a suitable MOSFET, would do the trick.

The problem I have is that things struggle to stick to the heated bed. In order to get it to stick I have to either put pritt stick on it or use a higher nozzle temperature and higher nozzle temperatures don’t produce as good definition. Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to design the heated tray to have a bit more friction.

if you want to have a stable printer, maybe you should use 2 power supplies, one for the main board and another for the heatbed.
The original PSU is a little bit low power, and sometime if you just switch on or off a light, printing stops.
You should have a look on this topic, very interesting, hope it helps


You could put a light coat of hair spray on the bed.
Configure the software to print the first layer at 50C all other layers 60C.

I’ve had a look at additional power supplies. This one seems pretty popular:

ebay.co.uk/itm/IMO-SNT402302 … wkr47zK3Yw

Is it alright and how would I wire it up?

I agree with the dual power supply suggestions. I am currently doing exactly that to my K8200.

As for prints not sticking. I had the same issue when starting out. I firstly increased the bed temp to 60deg C (for PLA). Next I slightly roughed the surface for the heated bed with a scotch brite pad. And finally (this I think is most important) I very thoroughly clean the bed before each print starts (while the bed is hot) with some isopropyl alcohol.

My prints now stick very well to the standard heat bed. Also any largish print I always print a brim (look in the slicer config options) This helps stop the edges of the print pulling away from the bed during the print.

Hey guys, I forgot raby_'s helpfull link, in french or english :wink:

k8xxx-3dprinters.crimed.be/w … heated_bed