Heated Bed Temperature shows as 100c when cold

Have built the printer but in Repetier the heated bed shows as 100c and does not heat. If I change the bed temperature to 150c in Repetier it does start to warm up. Can you please advise on the probable cause.

I take it you have a k8200 printer (you posted in the Vertex forum).

It reveals an issue with the temp input. In that case, the scale is not linear and you can increase the temperature to 150° assuming the resulting T° will be 50°. You can do it but you’ll have to measure the actual temperature and change the setting accordingly.
Ask Velleman for another board (mail to : support[color=#80BF00]at[/color]velleman[color=#80BF00]dot[/color]be)

Many thanks, I will post in the correct forum next time. Well spotted on the type of printer. I have discobered if we set the print temperature to 103 is just about gets there and will keep a constant temperature (without a thermometer what it is I am not sure). Will contact Velleman regarding tje board.