Heated bed does not heat up

I just finished building my K8200 printer, and everyting works fine exept my heated bed.
It shows the room temp fine. But when i want to heat it up, it wil not do it.

i’ve measured on the bed 15.6V and to the termistor 4.6V. I also dont get any errors.

what did i’ve missed. I hope you can help me with it!!

Just a shot in the dark.
Remove power from the printer.
Unplug Heater 2 from the control board.
Check the resistance of the outside position of the connector not the board.
I read about 9.5 ohms on mine.
If you are getting 15 volts DC to the bed it sounds like there maybe an open on the bed

if you are talking about the resistor i get 140k Ohms and in to the bed i get 0 ohm

Heated bed not heating up (in my experience) is always wiring, Carefully check your wiring from the controller board to the bed.

The other thing you can do to diagnose this is to swap the THERM1 and THERM2 plugs on the controller board and see whether the problem follows the wires or not.

thank you Colin! It was a wiring problem

Excellent. Get printing.