Heated bed dissapeared


til today I have no more temperature signal for the heated printing bed. No signal at all.
Manually I can’t put it on neither.

All began yesterday, the measurement of the temperature of the bed was wrong (minus 15 degree Celsius, so it showed 5 to 10 when I started and it took longer to reach 50 - maybe it was at 75?)

when I realised this, I started to print setting the bed temperature at lower values, even at 0 to turn it of. But the objekts are moving, without heated bed.

so I checked the wiring and indeed there was the yellow and orange line detached. I repaired it, but nothing … in the repetier windows no bed temperature. The extruder temperature is visualised as usual.

can i have damaged the ntc thermistor when the measurmetn was wrong and there was higher temperature in real as showed on the monitor? It will be a lot of work to change the ntc so I want to be sure before I do it…

Thank you for answering.


I had this a few day’s ago. The smd NTC on the heater bed broke in two.

I replaced it with the spare NTC from the heater nossel, some thermo pasta and tape to hold it against the board.

Good luck

I changed the ntc thermistor and it works!!!

thanks a lot

the thermistor did’nt look like damaged, without you avice I never changed it

so continue printing …