Heatbed MK3 fixing/ lit chauffant MK3 fixation


For mechanical fixing of MK3 on the vertex bed, i used office clips .
i used also a plate of liege under the heat bed ( ep 2mm), and an aluminium plate (ep 2mm) above the heat bed.

I noticed that all these parts ( heat bed, aluminium…) is slightly curved in the center ( less than 0.2 or ,3 mm), due of the pressure of the clamps on the periphery of the beds.

It 's a problem to calibrate the gap between the head aund the bed…

did you notice the same effect? how have you solved this problem ?

Pour fixer mécaniquement le lit MK3 sur le sur le support de lit vertex , j’ai utilisé des pinces bureautique.
J’ai mis une feuille de liège sous le lit MK3 et une plaque d’aluminium ( 2mm) au dessus.

J’ai remarqué que l’ensemble est légèrement bombé au centre du fait de la pression des pinces a la périphérie du plateau. ( < .2 ou .3 mm). ceci modifie le réglage du jeu entre la buses et le plateau.

Avez vous remarqué le meme probleme ? comment l’avez vous réglé?

Thanks for your reply. Merci d’avance


What I have found out is it is not a question about a tighter grip on the bed components you need it is actually the opposite a loose enouph grip so that the components stay where it is supposed to be but don’t curve. It is the reason why I designed the base frame for the heatbed I sell for the printer the way I do. It don’t pressure at all downward wish is the reason why it remain flat. If you pressure the plate on the corners like the base design of this printer does it makes the glass flex just like when using clamps it just becomes worse when you have more components and a harder grip.

// Ted