Headbed necessery?

is it possible to use a 3d printer wihout headbed. instead of the headbed just close the room and heat it up to like 60 til 60 degrees?

thx :slight_smile:

The only thing I can tell you is that PLA starts to soften at 60° celcius.

This would not be a good idea.
If you heat the whole room not only would it be very hot in there.
But you fry the electronics and the PC driving the printer.

Why would you want to do that?

i would like to do so because we want to improve the small 3d printer to the size 1M³. The problem is that there is no heatbed with that size. We thought about the ideo to combine like 25 pieces of 200mm x 200 mm heatbeds. And abs is gona work better in a climateroom with constant temperature about 60 degrees. its just an idea which we have. we still try to figure out the best way to enlarge the whole system. and ofcourse we search for helpfull adwise to do it a good way.


you can make your own headbed, you only need a Mirror or alu-sheet. There you glue resistance heating wire in wave-form on the back-side. some isolation on the back-side and it is made. The same principle like the original headbed used here.
Of course you need an other Supply. But you also need other stepper, controler and so on because of the higher wight of printing-bed.