Having problems with K8050

Dear Sir,

We have a problem with IR 15-channel receiver kit K8050:

After applying power supply voltage LED diode LD16 blinks for 4 times – what does this mean?
According to those blinks it is obvious uP is working just fine.
Therefore I suppose it should be problem with IR receiver diode, designated as IRX1.
Unfortunatelly, I can’t what figure out nither the manufacturer nor the part’s code.
Can you help me with that, or send me the spare part, please?

Best regards,

PS: Is it possible to obtain a replacement of (already programmed PIC 16C55A) uP?

You may want to look at page 9 and 10 of the online manual to figure out what mode you have it set up for then make sure the remote is running the same mode.
What remote are you using?
The reason I ask is the K8050 only works with Velleman remotes.