😍 Half a year: These are my upgrades. What did you pip?

I own my delta for a half year now. I still love it!
This are my upgrades so far:
-Noctua fan for main board.
-Glass plate with “renkforce Haftfolie 30x30 cm”
-E3D nozzle, replacement because Wood filament (not Velleman!) worn it out to 1.3 mm.
-E3D silicon socks for the hot end.
-Capricorn PTFE tube
-Sleds and bushings from Dr_Vegetables thread.
-And this one.


I think I can fill up this glass completely! :smile:



If you edit the startup gcode sequence, you can make it stop doing that.

I know, but I like them for priming the nozzle with filament and as a physically visible print counter. :wink:

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