Grey dust on the small gear wheel

It looks like that the gear wheel loose material during the running. Is it recommended to add some lubricant to it or will we only destroy the wheel?

The gears looks made of DEPH and this material is normally used for medical components. Acetal also called POM Polyoxymethylene and Nylon Polyamide is low friction materials mostly used for "Roma was not built in one day"gears and similar products in the plastic industry. Would it be possible test those materials in the existing moulds?

On this forum we see a lot of great proposals about how to solve problems on a product we all love and get a lot of great ideas. Would it be possible to get a upgrade kit designed to buy. This can include gear wheels in a new material, LED-lamp for the extruder head, adjustment springs for the heating bed, mirror glass in 2 mm for the heating bed etc.

Some materials do not smell so nice while printing. Does anyone have a small and cheap solution to filter or remove this smell so we can have the 3D-printer where we have other printers indoors and also same times in the kitchen or living room.
More materials are in the pipe lineā€¦

No, as far as I know right now, this is not a problem, BUT you should eventually give them just a little bit more space between each other. So the then will not produce that much friction.

BTW: You can relatively easily print there wheels. They are standard, you can take some from general MENDEL 3D printer (best I think). They have a built in gap for a nut where you can fix the wheel with a little screw.

I noticed the same thing.
But also I noticed there was some minimal space between the hobbed M8 and the large gear.
When retracting and refeeding this produced more slip and as a consequence more wear than necessary,
The grey dust for me completely(!!!) disappeared by putting a M8 toothed washer inbetween the large gear and the other washers.
Finally please be aware that the locking nut on the M8 hobbed bolt should not be tightened too much as this may bring the stepper motor into problems.