Grafic Display


i´ve bought a graphic display, which i want to connect to my K8200. The reason i bought this display is, that it is bigger as the velleman-display.
Here is a link of the display i bought:
Looks like, thats the same one, that is described here:

Now here´s my problem:
I do not know how to connect that display.

Here´s a scematic of the display:

Is it even possible to connect that disply to the velleman K8200?

Thx for your help,



You should have posted in the K8200 forum not the Vertex…

On the website you’re pointing to are all the necessary explanations to connect it (connection tables). Of course you’ll have to design your own cables as there’s one connector on the K8200 and two on your display.


sry for posting it in the wrong category…

The problem with connecting the display is, that most of the pins of the display (in the scematic) aren’t called like the pins of the K8200. Theres is for example no MOSI. And if Im honest i don’t unterstand the schematic very well. VCC, GND, EXP1, EXP2 are clear, but the rest… I don’t have a clue.

I´ve wired it strict as described on the website if posted. But it didn’t work. Only the backlight light up.

So something must be wrong in my connections…

Is it possibly to damage the Board or the Display, if my wiring is wrong?

Did you modify the Marlin firmware accordingly?