Good quality walls

Hello Guys,

I recently bought a K8200 printer. I’ve been printing some big parts and I’m very happy with the results at all.

I would love to know if there is a way to improve the walls quality. Right now I need to print small gears and parts that must connect each other and I’m struggling to get it right.
I had to use a file for 100% of all the small pieces printed in order to make it work as I need which makes the PLA kinda white :frowning:

My basic settings are:

PLA Black - 3mm
Average Print Speed 50mm/s
Extruder temperature - 192C ( 200c on the firsts );
Bed temperature - 50C

What can I do to improve the finish to make it smoother?


the K8204(Z AXIS UPGRADE ROD AND COUPLER FOR K8200) should improve the wall quality

You think?

It seems more related from X and Y axis than Z axis…

Can I print this upgrade or do I need to buy?


You’ll need to buy this kit.

The uneven wall is called Z-wobble (check google ;))

Best Regards,