I have succesfully glued PLA with loctite #something, worked very well. But this stuff is rather expensive, you only get 20 grams and you have to order it, resulting in shipping costs. What others glues can I use to glue PLA which are also “payable”?

today I founnd 4 small tubes of 3 grams of second clue lying arround in my house. They costed €0.75 togather. I tried the glue, and though it did took some time to stick, it sticks quite well. It is perhaps no loctite super glue 3 which can bound PLA objects with one drup for all times to come, it is about 40 times cheaper. I only have to be carefull I don’t glue my fingers on the PLA.

I think that every second glue works as long as it is cyanoacrylate base.

Hi There bask185

I have found that the glue for jointing plastic waste pipes works wonderfully on PLA. Called Pipe Cement here in the UK, it can be found in any builders or plumbers merchants. It actually ‘melts’ the PLA together. Quite cheap as well, generally with its own brush in the bottle top.