Giant VU Meter

I am looking for some information on the P2620 kit which is a giant mains output VU meter. (also known as K2620).

I built this kit some time ago and have been using it, with great effect, with my mobile disco.

Unfortunately I have a problem with the kit and no longer have the wiring diagram.

My problem is that with no sound signal present all the output channels are lit.

I have removed all the triacs and re-fitted a new one which still ights so I think they are being driven rather than having a short.

If i remove the small I.c. tl081 there is no mains output. I think this is a signal amp for the sound input which i guess could make sense.

Anyhoo, I wonder if anyone has any info for this kit.

Thanks. Mark ( a forum virgin )

P.s. I still have 3 other kits (the 7 channel eprom driven light computer, the 4 channel chaser and the 3 channel sound to light kits which i use regularly. Thanks Velleman


I still have the papers from a k2620 kit (including the schematics) … the TL081 (or TL071) is an Op-Amp which is used for setting the level towards the UAA180 VU-meter chip.
You could try to check the DC level at pin 17 of the UAA180 (or try to locate a datasheet on the chip)