Getting the hot plate level, really level?

I now have got mine set up and printing well but the hot plate is not level. I get about a 3mm difference from the centre to the outer corners. This makes most of the plate unusable as when printing on the outer edge as the gap is too much to allow a good stick of the first level.

I have seen some putting glass plates on the top but I don’t want to do that as I am getting a good stick with the plate as is. All I had to do is give it a good sanding as per the instructions and it works fine around the centre.

So, has anyone got a good hack to get it level?? My only idea is to glue a bolt to the underside of the centre to so I can pull it down level with the edges. Or the other idea was to glue the entire plate too something that is level, say some MDF or a thick metal plate.

Hi Richard,

the first goal of the use of a mirror is to level the heatbed. Good ‘stickyness’ is just an extra advantage.