Generating Data for Waveform Input for PCGU1000


I have just purchased, but have not yet received my PCGU1000. In anticipation I was wondering if anyone has used the much like ARB waveform function using data provided by programs such as Excel or MathCAD. It seems that such a math interface would be a useful tool. I have a ATE test system to design and the PCGU1000 looks like just the tool I need.

Also I have noticed that the Wave Editor sample data shows the comma (,) instead of the period (.) as a separator. It this the case or can the program adapt the the USA standard of the period?

I am looking forward to working with this new tool.

You can use Excel and other programs to create the waveform files for the PCGU1000.
The file is a simple text file containing the data points for the waveform. See the help file for the file format (integer 0…255 or decimal -1.0 to +1.0). There can be any number from 2 to 8192 of waveform data points in the file. The software uses linear interpolation to generate the rest of the data points needed.
The generator software is “international”, separator can be either comma (,) or period (.) as well.