G Code for post printing action


I’ve just assembled my Vertex over Christmas and have been experimenting with various prints. Having seen how you can edit the End G-Code within the Cura settings, there are two things I would like the printer to do.

Once the print job is finished, I would like the bed to lower down to Z=180mm or 190mm. It makes accessing the print much easier so I can get my hands in to peel it off the bed. Is there a command to say lower the bed to that exact value without the risk of crashing the bed? I dont want to be printing something which is 150mm tall then the printer adding 180mm of extra travel at the end of the job and needing a new Z motor coupler!

Secondly, I would like the top fans to run on max speed for a minute then switch off. I noticed that the head temp overshoots at the end of the print as the fans cut out straight away once the print job is complete. I have already worked out that:

M106 S255 ; Turn on fan to max
G4 S60 ; Wait 60 seconds
M107 ; Turn off fan

I tried this, but the head waited above the print job for 60 secs before returning to the home position (this was right at the end of the G-Code so I would have thought the print head would have moved home before this?

Cheers, Wes :slight_smile:

To achieve this put those lines at the beginning of the end-Gcode :

G90 ; Absolute positioning
G1 X0 Y0 Z190 ; Get extruder out of way.
G91 ; Relative positioning

This will put the head at the front left of the printer; I’m doing this so I can easily clean the oozing nozzle before the next print.
If you want the nozzle at the right back use G1 X200 Y200 Z190 .

Brilliant, thanks for that. I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

Bjr Raby
ca c’est astucieux! pour nettoyer ca doit etre beaucoup plus pratique!
dommage que ne maitrise pas ce fameux gcode.
quelles sont les manips à faire pour intégrer ces commandes (pas à pas car ne n’y connais strictement rien…)?

hs: je reviens au jerk x-y tu connais ?
merci encore pour tes réponses et conseils
jean michel

Cura/Configuration/G-Codes/G-Code de Fin : insérer les 2 premières lignes au début.

Je mets aussi la ligne “M107 ; Turn off fan” à la fin.

ok compris

pardonne moi, je reviens encore au jerk (pas la danse!!!) voudrais tu me dire a quoi ca sert; je ne pige pas!!


J’avais oublié le jerck. Cela désigne les vibrations de la machine lors des déplacements rapides. Il y a moyen de les diminuer par paramétrage.

ok je vais essayer on verra
merci bcp