Function VM202N buttons completely different

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Recently I bought a VM202N, connected the push buttons according to the manual. The unit plays MP3 well after power-up, so it seems to work fine. What puzzles me, is that the 3 push buttons behave COMPLETELY different as described.
The “PREV” button works as volume-up and the “NEXT” button as volume down. The PLAY/PAUZE button seems to have no function.

This can’t be a coincidence. Are there hidden functions in this module which I have accidentally triggered? For instance by accidently raising the supply voltage higher than 5 V for an instant…?

I experienced the same behaviour. Could you solve the Porblem? or is there someone from velleman who could comment on that?

Has anybody tried using different resistor values with the switches?
I found some IC data (AC1082, hsc-u005) with all kinds of functions depending on the voltage at the “key” input.

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Post is very old but could be useful for somebody.

  1. the Mp3 files should be placed on the root of key, and alone without any folder or
    file; i got continuous repeat of same .Mp3 at start, on clean key no problem at all.
  2. i use an Arduino for command, and use a 4066 (4 switches) instead off push
    buttons. But i set a delay of 1500 millisecond pulse; in this way Previous track
    become Volune UP, while Next track become Volume DWN. This is not mention on
    the simple manual of the card. Decrease pulse to 200 millisecond is fine.
  3. LED MUST NOT be used on version KW005-5V-V2.0.
    I use an analog input just for detect a signal greater than 2.5 volt, because is
    changing every time and quickly, not good for say Play-Pause.
  4. supply is from Arduino power ( 7.5 volt ) and i use the regulator that come with the
    VM202N card; no heat up, don’t need the 68 ohm resistor in series.
  5. sound is excellent !!

Hello @MauroS

Thanks for sharing your feedback post.
maybe this can help other “Makers” and forum members with their audio project(s).
Well done :+1:

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