Force Sensor 1N

Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to apologize if this post is not in the right area.

Then, I would like to ask you for help with a problem I am having related to my PhD. The idea is to acquire the force measured by the material I am developing. However, I do not know precisely what kind of sensor I must use. I know that my material is producing very low force, probably below 1N. Another problem I face is that the contact area between the sensor and the material is very very small, almost like a single point, so pressure sensors do not kinda work.

Does anyone think that this sensor could work?

Thank you!

Hello @adiogoandre ,

You can indeed try this force sensor. that will be experimental.
We only have 1 type of it. But these exists in different sizes.

Another possible sensor you can use is a Piezo sensor.
These are also narrow (small). When pressure is applied to the piezo sensor, voltage is generated in mV - V. => the greater the force, the greater the voltage generated.
Reverse use of piezo sensor.

Best of luck with your PhD.