"Flowrate" in the Manual Control, Repetier Host V0.90C


I´ve played around with the “Flowrate” in the “Manual Control” in Repetier-Host V0.90C .
If I set it to 120, my prints are nearly perfect.
Now, the question, what options must I change in the Slic3r Cofiguration (Slic3r 0.9.9), that I musn´t change it every time in the “Manual Control” Tab?

I think it is something in the “Advance” Tab at the Print Settings in the Slic3r Config.

Does the “Flowrate” in the Manual Control only change the “Default extrusion width” in the Slic3r Config/Advanced, so that I can add there 20%?
Or change that other Options, too?


Hi Marcel,

Your question has been asked nearly 3 weeks ago, so probably you already found a solution. Anyway, here is what I found out so far:

Flowrate influences the amount of material that will be fed into the extruder by the extruder motor. The manual adjustment is good for fine-tuning while printing (e.g., you see that there is too much material, so you would reduce the flow rate a bit).

In Slic3r you can change “Filament Settings”. In fact, every filament is a little bit different, and I created different settings for every filament I’ve used so far. It is important that you measure the diameter of your filament: measure it at a couple of different places and calculate an average value. For example, I have a roll of black PLA with an average diameter of 2.97 mm. My orange PLA is thinner and has only 2.91 mm average diameter.

So what I do to get good values is:

  1. Measure the diameter and set an average value in Filament Settings.
  2. Do some little test prints and check the results. If you see that you need more or less material, modify the “Extrusion multiplier” value. As far as I see and understood it, this is exactly the same as the “Flowrate” value. 120% would be an extrusion multiplier of 1.2. You can reduce the amount of material with values below 1, e.g., 0.98 etc.

I think it is also necessary to readjust the “Diameter” setting from time to time. E.g., my orange roll of PLA initially had an average diameter of 2.95mm. Later I noticed that prints got poorer and it looked like there wasn’t enough material. I measured the diameter again and found out that the average was 2.91mm now.

Hope this helps in finding good settings…


thanks, yes, i changed the multiplikator.
That was the right solution!