First timer with the K8015 Timer

Hello Everyone,

Totally new at this world. I work in exhibition design and fabrication, and I have a project for a table that is lit with LED’s. I bought the K8015 Velleman Kit so these LED’s could be turned on stay on for a expected duration and turn off automatically, and also just be turned off by pressing the button once more before the time was up.

My problem is: I have power to the switch and the switching mechanism and all of that works correctly… but I am not receiving any power to my LED’s on the three output end of the Relay Switch Board. The solders look immaculate and I have tried multiple configurations of wiring the lights to these terminals but still… NO POWER.

Where could I have gone wrong? The lights work when directly wired to the transformer.

Anyone out there have any clues?

Much appreciated,

-Carl Brown

The K8015 has a dry contact relay output, that means that there is no voltage coming from the contacts, it is only a switch.
You need to wire it so that it switches on and off the desired current.

Nice to read that you use our circuits for your projects.

Thank you very much for the quick reply and information Velleman!

Told you I was a bit green at these types of projects.

Now I have one more question: So my 12 Volt transformer that is powering my K8015 relay switch has another set of Positive and Negative terminals other than the ones I have wired to power my switch. I could technically use those to finish the relay? Or do I need to use another power source seperately? If I am able to use the same transformer or need another power source to finish, is there desired terminals to wire the + / - leads to the NO, COM1, NC dry contacts?

Totally getting my bearings with Electronics.

Thank you for your help.

-Carl Brown

You can use the same transformer.
Just run the (+) of the transformer to the COM of the relay
Run the (-) of the transformer to the (-) of the leds
Run the NO of the relay to the (+) of the leds.