First prints not perfect

Just assembled the K8200 printer.

First of all the butterflybolt for the extruder is missing. A temporary solution with a normal bolt does work but is suboptimal.

In the bag of the LMUU10 bearings, some small loose balls where found. No way to get these balls back in, none of the bearings was missing all.

Now when printing the result has offset between to the left between different xlayers.
It looks like the first layers have this most. Is it likely this is caused by the bearings?? Increasing voltage from .425 to .55 didn’t make any difference.

Last issue noted is that when the fan starts, it is vibrating a lot. Even tested stand alone on the table it vibrates much more than any fan I mounted in PC’s before.

I fear that just claiming the missing bolt is not enough. What should be the next steps?

Sorry about the missing parts.
Please mail your requirements to support at velleman dot be and we’ll make sure you"ll receive them in the mail asap.
Regarding your first print, can you supply a link to a picture, so that we can take a look?