First print, some issues

today I finished the build and calibration of my K8200, which was a lot of fun.
After some testruns which caused some temperature issues, I started to print the casing for the electronics of the K8200.
I used a download from Thingiverse, which seemed a nice start, and the result looked fime at the beginning. However after progressing about 2 cm of height, the vibration of the X-axis was quite intens when printing the small fillment between the lines of the right side of the casing wall in Y direction only.
This caused an offset in the print, which got worse as the print went higher.
My motors are all running on 0.55 V, the axis run smoothly, belts are not to tight and small bolts in the motor pulleys are tight. i use the standard software downloaded from the Velleman download site. Also the PLA init config from there. Firmware is Marlin V2 LCD. I run the G-code directly from my laptop (windows 7).

Beside the shift in offset, I also have a lot of “spiderweb” residue inside the object and some small blobs. I use Velleman 3 mm PLA at 193 degrees, standard hot-end. The heated bed is at 55 degrees and the object sticks to this perfectly (on a 3 mm glass plate).

Could need some advise from anybody out there, who is familiar with this.
Any advise on config adjustments are also welcome, I am using standard settings as downloaded in the ini or config file for PLA. … 5.jpg?dl=0

Hope the image works and shows the issue(s).

Thank you,

You might want to check the bearing for the Y axis and make sure it rolls freely maybe oil it.
check the belt to make sure it’s not to tight or loose.

Thank you for the quick response.
Is there a guideline on how to adjust these belts ?
I noticed indeed that the Y movement was not a smooth as the X movement after I installed the belts.
However I can easily move both belts up and down with minimal pressure.
I will loosen the Y belt a bit and give it a try.
How about jerk and acceleration settings ? Any adjustments needed there ?

check if your axes are perpendicular to each other .

you can juste print a tiangle with a known distance on X and a known distance on Y and measure the hypotenus Z²=X²+Y²

It may also help to align the bearings so that the topmost line off balls aligns with the top of the guiding rods.

Thank you guys,
I will start doing some research this evening trying your suggestions.

BTW I’m a newbee at this, so any ideas are welcome.

Let us know what you find.

I just had another thought.
Check the screw that holds the pulley on the motor.
Sometimes they come loose.

Hi Wrong Way,

yep, I checked these. It seemed to me the the one on the Y pulley was nog 100% tight, I could turn it a little bit further.
I 'll try the result later today. I also lowered the Jerk value to 15mm/s , the accelaration to 3000 mm/s/s and speed to 100 mm/s on both X and Y direction in the firmware.

Only small problem is that several hex tools do not fit anymore in the pulley screw, it seems a bit worn out.
If it does not do the job I think I will glue the pulleys to the stepper axes with some 2 component glue before tightning the srews (but this as a last resort).

By the way, is there a way to get some grease into the bearings without disassembling the whole construction ?
I used some very fine riffle grease on the axes, but is is not passing the rubber seals. Just want to now if I could lift these seals with a seringe needle and inject some oil in there without breaking something.

Sorry for my english…I’m dutch :wink:


I think you can’t really get into the bearings without disassembling them.

Before you glue your pulleys, think about exchanging both x and y pulleys and belts for GT2 belts.

I will do that too, cause they have much lower slip.


It seems that the adjustments I made earlier did the job. Although the printspeed is a bit slower the virbrations are gone and the results are very nice. For now I will start some configuration fine tuning.

The belt upgrade is ordered. Next step is printing some casing and extensions for the K8200 and hook up the display.

Thank you guys for your support and usefull advise.

Glad to hear your printer is working

Yep! Nice to hear!

Welcome to the club!