First pint of a in house scanned object

To day it seems to be rather easy to make a 3d scan of an object and to print it at your own printer. First a series of photographs is needed while the object is rotated or by rotating with your camera arround the object. The rotation can be performed by hand in a simple way, e.g. by using a rotating chair or something like this. In the example 20 photographs are taken with a fixed camera. The series of pictures are elaborated in the program 123D Catch. In this program your computer is only used for transporting the files. The time consuming calculations are carried out in the “clouds”. A problem was to generate an STL file. There are a lot of extension available for 3d graphics, but still there is not always overlap between the different programs. Finally I found Meshmixer was able to read 123D Scatch files (.obj) and was able to generate an STL file. Loading this in Repetier the object can be printed as shown below.

It is not yet perfect and the grip is somewhat different. But anyway it looks a promissing and simple method to scan models by yourself.