First layer issues

hey guys, I’m new to 3d printing and getting my head around things is getting frustrating.
i finished the printer a week ago and have been spending countless hours trying to get it to print properly.

if I’m printing a basic object such as a square box shape the printer works fine.
but as soon as i got to print something with holes for example the controller board cover i only get half way through the first layer and then have to cancel the print as when doing the outlines of circles on the first layer the filament gets stuck and caught on to the extruder dragging it along which then escalates and and causes the the extruder to block.

my next issue is that once it goes into doing the fill layer the plan is not layer down properly and it bubbles i have no consistent flow through my extruder and i have tried everything.


i don’t know if any of that made sense as i typed this with frustration!!!

Sounds like your nozzle distance is to high, and you are printing too hot.
Maybe post a picture of your print, that can help to get further into your problem.



As Christian says, with a picture it would have been easier.

Set the distance to 0.2-0.25mm and check it’s correctly set everywhere on the bed.
If you’re printing with the bare PCB bed, you’d better put blue painter tape on it as it’s quite difficult to get the filament sticking to it. And the PCB bed is seldom flat.