First Impressions

After building the K8200 over 8 hours the printer worked.
There where just 2x M5 / 12mm Screws missing.

First Print was the Case supplied from Velleman.

Fannozzle in progress

I was not happy with the Filament Spool Holder, so i printed one.

Get it here if you like a Universal geared Spool Holder 18-56mm

i tried printing Filawoo3D, but the extruder stucked while printing, because i was playing with the speed dial in Repetier.

Overall a nice Printer in this Pricerange!

Things i will enhance in future:
better Y Axis Cable Guide
more light arround the nozzle

did the prints came loose easely?

Yes, just let the heated Bed cool down and afterwards the printed object can be easely removed.

Nice ideas and edits on the printer! Awesome!

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate your comment.

Your spool holder is an interesting addition!

Are the parts publicly online?

I could draw them my self but if I can get the designs I can focus on other things.
Great work!!



this is the link foor the spool holder