First attempt at dual head printing

Hi can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong, first attempt at using both hotends at once.

Did you follow these instructions?
It almost looks like you did not select dual heads.
Go to the slicer tab and select dual heads.

HI, thank you for that, I was using Simplify, (should have mentioned that) but I will try it in Repetier. thank you.

For me it looks like you were printing with two heads, but the offset settings for the nozzles seems to be wrong. In the original Vellemann firmware it is set to zero, so it must be handled by the slicer. Since this is a notorious source of errors I did my own firmware flavour which is fixing this.

I have heard a lot of good things about Simplify but haven’t tried it yet.

I like simplify, is very good, I find it better than Repetier for most prints, not all
I will change a few things and see how we go, thanks again

Let us know what you find.