Firmware update after k8204

So I got the k8204 Z Axis upgrade. I’ve installed it, readjusted the height, and saw that I need to update the firmware. I already had the arduino software installed on my machine (version 1.8.5), I’ve downloaded the

extracted it, and found the folder Marlin - 2560 - LCD. This came to me as a surprise, as I have installed the Z Axis upgrade, but did not install the LCD upgrade. When I tried to compile the code in arduino I got the error:

SdBaseFile.h:38: error: using typedef-name 'fpos_t' after 'struct'

 struct fpos_t {

as the type was already defined in stdio.h. I’ve browsed the web a bit and got a hint that I should replace all occurrences of fpos_t in all files in the project to filepos_t. Afterwards I was able to compile the project.

Afterwards I uploaded the sketch using the instructions in

Then I started k8200 repetier, and in the manual control tab, in the gcode line, typed M502 and then M500


  • does the firmware work, if I do not have the LCD update
  • if the compilation was the correct one, wouldn’t it make sense to replace the strings for further generations (i.e. releasing a new bundle)?
  • should I keep receting the eeprom every time I print?

The firmware will work without the LCD.
When changing the firmware you need to use Arduino software 1.0.6 or lower.
Download it from here.