Firmware unresponsive. Attempting to force continue... err

Lately i have been getting these errors " Firmware unresponsive. Attempting to force continue…"
The print stops without shutting down heaters, often it happens after an hour or so printing.

So i have a lot of bad prints now.

Is this a known bug in v2 firmware, or does it exist in v1 also?

I will reflash to v1 and try also.

if you say you have these problem after long printing phases i would make secure that your power supply don’t overheat. mine exloded because i’ve putted it into direct sunnlight. i would dril holes in it maybe add a small pc fan but only at your risk. i’ve now bought oe of these nice led drivers but you have to watch the voltage or change the heaters to 12v versions as i did. now i can print with my solar panels connected :slight_smile:

Sorry, but i have got it solved long ago. It was a bad solder on the mainboard.