Fine tunning extrusion

The other day I did a little extrusion test to see why my feeder motor was skipping ( voltage at 0.915 -> 0.917 on all drivers ). And came to the conclusion that at 190º as you all ( for the most part ) say it’s the best temperature is not good for me as the motor starts skipping when printing the infill. It got worst when I used BQ’s filament ( always used Velleman’s ).
So after some manual extrusions and temperature fiddles I think, for me, the best temperature is over 200s ( still need to confirm this but unable for now since I’m assembling the PSU and heated bed ) for any filament.

By this I mean to share my experience and hope to set someone else in the right way before starting to dismantle the printer. I know there are other factors but this one small help in the right way, I think…
This is what I did:

1 - Connect printer to Repetier
2 - Move bed down a few mm’s ( enough to see the extrusion )
3 - Move the head to the center ( not needed for any reason in particular, it helps to see what’s going on )
4 - Set the temperature to the desired value and waited
5 - Extruded some filament
6 - Heard motor skipping
7 - Increased temp in 5º and repeated from step 4
8 - At around 205-210 no more motor skipping
. - After this point I could have fine tuned the temperature better by moving to 1º at a time but for now I’m satisfied. Will continue more once I have the printer on her feet.

Jorge Oliveira

I encountered the same issue while printing a large size object.
Had to increase temp to have a continuous flow of material