Fine tuneing k8200 (or ticks that work)

greeting and salutation every one I’ve noticed all the post on what’s not working just want to post what does work.

1.For starters print bed not flat? Simple fix is to use counter sink tool enlarge holes slightly so that screw heads are not proud. heat print bed then tighten. warning I broke thermistor pushing down on print-bed trying to flatten.

  1. objects come lose. I used 180 grit sandpaper and then wiped bed down with acetone on paper towel.( P.S. pla will not melt in acetone.) I wipe print bed down before each print.

  2. print stops mid-job? check power saver setting on computer. I know sounds to simple to overlook but it happen to me.

  3. No filament coming out mid print? make air shield around hot-end I’ve seen 20degree drop from fan. fan shroud helps. but shield around hot-end really makes big difference.

remember this is a entry level printer. not a plug and play commercial unit. so enjoy tinkering and improving your machine.

thanks again to Velleman and crew.

Things that worked for me:

When I change anything in the softwaresettings I save it as a new version. This way, should things not improve / get worse, I can go back to the previous version and try someting else. [Just a safetynet that’s very helpful]
I write down the changes [evernote] and results of every print. This way I get a record of what does[n’t] work.

Get a 21cm * 21cm mirror cut, and tape it to the bed. Use alcohol to clean it before every print.
It’s flat througout, reflects heat and sticks when clean. It made a lot of difference to my prints. Total cost € 2.60

Get the tension in the X and Y-belts right. When they are too tight, things don’t work well.
I started out with a tight belt that sounded like a guitar-string. Now that I 've given it a lot more slack, the printer doesn’t skip any more.

Increase the layer HEIGHT from .2, to .28
Increase the FIRST layer HEIGHT TO .35
This too has improved things a lot

My trick is to spray hairspray onto the plate to get things to stick properly and not warp or bend away from the base plate :slight_smile: Not tried it with a mirror but it should work on that as well.