Finally finished it

Kudos to everyone involved with this kit. This thing is wicked fast, awesome. I created a 50.8mm (2") ring
5mm tall with 1.25mm wall thickness and a 1mm hole through the center of the wall at 90 degrees. It gave it a pretty good shake down. I’m impressed by how smooth it it is even with super fast stitching that looked like one of those circuit board.pick and place machines. The whole thing shook a little during certain fill moves but nothing fell off and size was within a human hair so it looks like all is a go from here. Fabulous, I can’t say enough.
The only assembly issue I had was getting the two red/brown wires backwards on the ‘Y’ axis harness. Y wouldn’t home and the ambient table temp was 900 degrees. I cut and switched the 2 wire and 3 wire plugs at the box. And then as I slid the table through it’s range of motion I found the snap rings catching on the slide so I turned all four 90 degrees. I had issues with ‘Z’ axis repeatability and fine adjust so I acquired a piece of 3mm x 6" drill rod and double nutted the bottom for more limit switch contact, put a nut above the plastic piece with caged nut to double nut it for a proper amount of rotational drag and it stands above gantry endplates so I can turn it with my fingers from up above.
Again, what a piece of engineering effort.
Thanks, Michael Pell

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