Fillament and printing problems

Hi guys,

I purchased my K8400 3D printer a week ago, and finished it about 2 days ago. When I started it up, everything worked fine, and the testing and adjusting could begin. Like it said in the manual I positioned the height of the head with a double folded A4 paper, and set the temperature to 210 Celcius for pla filament.

This caused some problems with printing. I then read on the forum that the height of the head should be about a single folded A4 paper, and the temperature should be about 190 Celcius. When I changed this, it appeared that everything went well. But halfway trough the print the filament stopped supplying the head, and the heat of the head started destroying the print. When I tried to unload the fillament, it would not retract and the fillament seems to be stuck and immovable like a brick wall. I tried heating the head a bit more, but nothing would help and I’m running out of ideas.

Does anybody have any idea how this could happen, and what I should check? And how I can get my printer to function properly, because I am still very excited to start printing my projects and make some awesome thing.

Thank you in advance!

Your filament is stuck in the heater. Solution [color=#408040]here [/color](sorry no pictures yet)…

I’ve had exactly the same problems.

I’ve heated the printhead to 240°C and pulled out the filament.
Afterwards dismantled the printhead and burned the head out with a gas torch.

For the adjustment of the printbed height I use a business card. Works perfect for me!

Good luck!