Filament sticking to extruder nozzle

I really don’t get it! One min. my printer is printing just fine the next print it is just tearing up the prints like the filament is sticking to the nozzle. I’ve started to use blue tape on the board and the first few prints were great but now it seems like it is not sticking to the tape any more or something. I put new tape on the board but the problem just keeps on. What could be the problem?

What does happen, does the filament not extrude or does it curl up under the nozzel?
If the latter is the case your z axis might me too far from the heatbed.

The printer would start a print ‘perfectly’ then at a certain point the filament just seemed to start sticking to the nozzle and get dragged along messing up the print, the height of the nozzle from the bed has not changed. I tried changing the flow rate, the layer height, the temp of the heat bed but nothing worked. Finally I reset everything and added a 2nd layer of tape on the bed and now the problem is no more… go figure… LOL

My suggestion is to look at the Z axis movement. Something tells me that it is not moving up with the selected setting. E.g. 0.25mm or 0.4 mm. It sounds like it is “pickup” up the previous layer.

Check the following:

That is actually turns after every layer. To tight Nut or not a perfect fit
Y axis threaded rod is not worn out

I would actually replace the z axis with something better…