Filament jammed in the gear block

I had problem with print that was coming out porous. I disassembled the hot end and managed to clear the debris inside. However I cannot seem to pull the filament away from the geared cold end. It is well and truly jammed. I have tried manually pulling on the filament whilst pulling back on the tensioning lever. I have done this many times when changing filament. Apart from dismantling the extruder unit, is there anything I can try?

Are you doing this with the extruder heated?

By the silence we can assume this solved it… When the filament enters the extruder and melts it it creates a bulb on the end of the filament which makes it bear on impossible to pull through by hand as it is too big for the PTFE spacer.

Hi Wrong Way and Parker

I found what the problem was. The thermistor in the extruder was shorting out so the extruder temperature was possibly not at the right level.

In the halcyon days when i was running with the standard vellemen K8200 kit i ran with it like pictured which worked better IMO than having it on the side in the small rebate, this was using the ‘K8200/K8400 Extruder Thermistor NTC104LAF’ not sure you can do it with the other one. I have 25M of RS 480-443 let me know if you want me to post you a meter :slight_smile: