Filament does not melt

I have tried many kind of settings with velleman PLA and ABS filament from Elfa which is local velleman distributor in finland.
I start 190 and 55 degrees as told in here forum. Nothing.
This evening i tried how much i have to rise temperature up to 245 until filament start to came out from extruder.
Printer seems to work decently all way but no filament extrude = no prints.

When temperaturevis 245 and use manual drive from repetier filament vame throuhg. While printing this example cover case no extruding.

Any ideas what to try next?

Just a thought,

Is the nozzle to close to the bed when printing.
Can you raise the Z axis and extrude the plastic?

You said you were printing with ABS.
Did you get all of the ABS (higher melting point) out of the extrude?

Yes i have melted abs out from extruder.
When i raise nose up and warm extruder to 245 degree and then push manual feel of repetier manual commands melted filament comes out so its melting. But when i start first printing nothing comes out.
I have checked position of nose so its about 0.2 mm over printing bed. That should be ok.

Hi ppctarska,

please doublecheck the positioning of the hotend thermistor. If it’s not properly mounted, this would give false temperature readings that can influence the extrusion. If you unplug the thermistor from the board and measure its resistance, do you get about 100 kΩ at room temperature?

Also, due to variation of the NTC sensors, the real and the indicated temperature can differ a bit. You may have to set the temperature higher (or lower) than given in the .ini files to compensate for this. If you have a suitable thermometer available, e.g. a thermocouple, you can also compare its reading to the indicated temperature to find out if there’s an offset, but in the end it’s more important to have the right setting for each filament.

Once you used ABS and switch back to PLA, keep in mind that the hotend has a large volume, so it takes some work to clear out all the ABS. You obviously have to do this at ABS temperature, otherwise it won’t be liquid. This, in turn, is bad for the PLA: there’s an increased risk that it will degenerate, possibly leaving solid residue that can block the nozzle. To minimize this risk, you need to continiuously replace the PLA in the hotend, i.e. extrude and extrude and keep on extruding until there’s no ABS left and you have lowered the temperature to a normal PLA level.
Preferrably use a different color of PLA, so it’s easier to identify if there are still small ABS drops in the extruded material. Every few seconds, retract the filament one or two mm, then push again. This helps to “remix” the molten material, getting residual pockets of old material out of the corners of the hotend volume.

If nothing else helps: ABS dissolves well in Acetone, and PLA can be reduced to carbon residue with a blowtorch (heater block dismounted from the PTFE tubing etc.), followed by mechanical cleaning.


I check ntc. It looks ok 93 ohm. Temperature in repetier is wrong. When i set 270 to extrude, abs come out and print guite ok.
Now there is issues sticking to bed.
I test more with help of forum.
Let see…