Filament "blob" building up causing shifted layers

Hi there

I just built the Vertex Nano K8600 and I am trying my first print job, which is the “Spool Holder Light” from the Vellemann site. Everything works perfectly (very smooth and nice print) until it reaches the point where it has to print the four “wheel holders” that the wheels should click onto. When the nozzle travels the long distance from one holder to another, it deposits a small amount of filament at the arriving position. It is as if the nozzle starts extruding filament before it arrives, and since it arrives at the same position every time, that filament builds up to a small blob, that is higher than the current layer. As a result, the nozzle will eventually hit this blob making the step motors skip a step. The result is of course that I get shifted layers and the print is ruined.

Any idea how to fix this annoying problem? I am printing with the standard settings (e.g. 190 degrees C etc.) and the bed is level and calibrated. Also, I am using white 1.75mm PLA from Vellemann.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.

Cheers, Jorgen