FGULINK.dll doesn't work with PcLab2000SE

We use pclab2000SE with function generator Version 4.07. All is working fine.
Now we want to automate the using of the function generator with a delphi program and found for this scope FGULINK.dll.
But the Delphi demoprogram shipped with pcgu1000_sdk_rev5 is not working on our hardware. We found that the demoprogram is using a function generator version 3.03.
How can we use FGULINK.dll with Version 4.07?
Thank you in advance.

The version 3.03 is the last “official” release with the FGULINK.dll.
You can use this version but you have to “Run as Administrator” your application software.
Alternatively, you can use an updated (development) version of the FGULINK software package available here: https://app.box.com/s/j60g5h6a0k7ais4zf4ojfscdzkgf9xta

Thank you very much!
The development version works fine.

Glad to see it’s OK!